Alexander Delphinov

born 1971

Poetry author, performance artist, journalist, civil activist. Participated in the foundation of the reggae band “Jah Division” (Moscow 1990), the art group “PG” (Moscow 1998), the “Panda theatre” (Berlin 2009) and the social informative project “Narcophobia” (2011). Winner of the international poetry slam at the literature festival in Berlin (2007), participant from Russia at the international poetry slam in Paris (May 2016). Winner at the the international poetry slam in Jerusalem (December 2016). Lives in Germany.

“I am driven by the vivid fire of the poetical word, improvisation, performance, the environment of activism. Since 2009 I conduct an open poetry laboratory using social media, where I post even unfinished texts. Sometimes a large number of diverse people participates in working on these texts. Based on this impressive experience the book #TriggerWarningPoetry - about death, drugs, sex, Rock‘n’Roll, cute pets and wild humans - came to existance, it was published 2017 in Berlin".

Photo by Tamara Teneta